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Why use a Social Selling Assistant?

A Social Selling Assistant is a literal human that is 100% dedicated to your LinkedIn profile and helping you improve your overall social selling index score, as well as generating leads by doing the daily activities on your behalf.


No Obligation. Only Results.

Your Social Selling Assistant will be dedicated to your objective and help you connect with the proper prospects. If you are a sales manager, sales director, or executive you need to have a Social Selling Assistant on your side helping you with the daily activities for yourself or your team. 

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Who is this for?

Our Social Selling Assistant works for the following job titles.

Done For You LinkedIn Management Services For B2B Professionals

1. 100% Human - No Bots

No bots, just a dedicated manager who is devoted to increasing your LinkedIn reach and growing your audience.

2. Dedicated Social Selling Assistant

You will get a dedicated social selling assistant to help you do the daily LinkedIn activities. Saving you time!


- Angela -

"Thank you so much for all of your help and the great job you did improving my LinkedIn activity. It was such a pleasure working with you!"


- Jermaine King -

"Thanks for your continued help in driving our business. I really appreciate the help and you delivered, always."

Check out what others are saying about the success they've achieved with their very own Social Selling Assistant.

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Saves you time to focus on what matters most 

A real live person that understands your business

Improve your Social Selling Index Score FAST

Direct communication with your Social Selling Assistant (SSA)

Build thought leadership and generate leads on LinkedIn

Your Social Selling Assistant will be literally logging into your Linkedin profile to do the following daily activities on your behalf.

Profile View Strategy

When you view a profile, LinkedIn notifies that person. We will grow your exposure by doing this in volume.

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Grow Your Network

On a daily basis we will be adding people to your network that you want to connect with. 

Engage with prospect

We will engage with your prospects on a daily basis to help you stay in the forefront of their minds

Message Feature

We will help you create a customized messaging sequence to help open conversations with prospects. 

Sales Managers

Sales Directors

Sales Reps

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Endorse Connections

Endorsing connections will help expose your profile to potential prospects and start conversations.

Publish Content

Helping you become a thought leader is our goal. We will publish relevant content for you without you having to worry about it.

Only hire us if you want us to do it for you. No Obligation


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