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Everything your sales team needs to know about Social Selling.

Allow our dynamic, LinkedIn certified team, to help your organization operationalize your Social Selling process. From making sure your employees and company page is optimized per best practices, to daily engagement tips/techniques, to taking the current sales training you have in place and teaching your team how to convert that information so that it’s useful on social media platforms, a half day with our team will have your team closing more deals, in less time- from the time they leave our workshop!

What’s included?

Train your sales team on everything they need to know about the world of Social Selling

Ultimate Customized Social Selling Workbook

Corporate Page Management

LinkedIn- Admin, Operations and Daily Tactics

Validation & Confirmation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training


Extended Capabilities

Who is this for?

Sales Teams

Coaching Companies

Enterprise Teams

Startup companies

Marketing Agencies

Organizations that want to bring marketing in house

Consulting Firms

How much time does it take?

Workshop 1

Social Media as a Business Tool-Leveraging LinkedIn

Half day workshop to maximize your teams knowledge around Linkedin utilizing all of the different functionality it has to offer in order to get the best ROI from LinkedIn

Workshop 2

How to Operationalize Social Selling

Half day workshop to maximize your teams knowledge around LinkedIn and utilizing all of the different functionality they have, both for your employees personal pages and your company page, in order to start effectively social selling as an organization

Workshop 3

New Age of Social Media

Full day workshop jammed packed with knowledge on what your team can be doing on all different social media platforms to improve their performance around lead generation, lead nurturing, brand awareness, rapport building, or closing.

How Does it Work

Discovery Call

Our team will sit down with you and your leadership team, to help you uncover what content can be presented that would have the biggest, and most immediate impact on your team.

Custom Workout

After our Discovery Call, our team will get to work customizing your half-day workshop. This includes, your custom Social Selling Workbook that can be used for current AND future sales employees!

Our Process


Identify the digital and social selling strengths and weaknesses of your sales force


Evaluate and design the best digital and social selling training program


Train your staff in digital and social selling in a way that suits your business

Authenticate & Confirm

Assess your staff’s digital and social selling know-how post-training and validate your investment

Return on Investment

Examine the impact of digital and social selling training on your business

Reach out to our team today to get your custom workshop pricing for your sales team

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