Digital Social Media Marketing Agency

The Client

Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to set goals to remain present in all areas of the sports realm and this one one in particular was the Winter Olympics.


Dick’s Sporting Goods launched a program titled The Contenders which allowed US competitors in the winter games to work at their stores as they trained. The main focus for DSG was to show support for the United States contenders.

The Problem

The 2018 Winter Olympics were approaching and Dick’s Sporting Goods were the official retail sponsor of this year’s games in Pyeongchang. With such a huge event at hand, DSG wanted to make sure social media was not ignored in recognition of the olympics. DSG called on us to come up with creative objectives to keep them at the top of mind. DSG wanted to use social media as a megaphone to amplify its support The Contenders.

The Solution

Our team dug deep into new creative opportunities that DSG could take advantage of social media for the Winter Olympics. With new innovated avenues social media platforms open for brands, our team aimed to be one of the first of the scene to take advantage. Facebook had recently allowed brands to have facebook groups to create social communities and we didn’t hesitate to put DSG on board. We created a Facebook group centered around The Contenders in the Winter Olympics. There, we created custom content like screenshot games, highlight videos, and thought provoking debates around the games.

On Instagram, our team tested the waters with the platform’s new features. With stickers being the go-to feature released in early 2018 for stories, our team experimented with creating custom stickers users could send to their friends via direct message. Along with stories, we created custom wallpapers that followers could screenshot and use for their personal phone backgrounds.