Digital Social Media Marketing Agency

The Client

Dick’s Sporting Goods is a retail sponsor of Super Bowl gear.

The Problem

DSG needed Super Bowl specific real-time content to post on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The Solution

Our team produced several real-time pieces that Dick’s was able to post before, during, and after the Super Bowl. We created a 5-day countdown with different pieces for each day leading up to the game along with a “Save the Date” photo to remind people of the big event. During the game, Dick’s wanted fans to know that they were watching the game along with them. For pregame, we created a coin toss graphic that replicated what was happening on the field. In the first quarter, both teams got a field goal and the first touchdown was made by the Eagles. As field goals were happening during the game, Dick’s posted a screenshot field goal game graphic we created. Things heated up in the second quarter with both teams adding to their score and an interception by the Patriots. With content producers glued to the TV, we quickly created a real-time piece forhalf-time to recap the score of the game. The game continued with several scoring play and little to no defensive presence from either team. A Patriot fumble in the fourth quarter was the turning point of the entire game and we were ready. After an intense, high-scoring game, the Eagles took home the victory!