Digital Social Media Marketing Agency


Frequently asked questions
What is the cost?
The cost ranges anywhere between 3K - 30K/Month for small business. We always break up the pitch into 3 different packages based on the objectives and budget.

Content Production is based on what pieces we produce but can be as low as 1500 and upwards of 30K

Strategy Cost: Is a one time cost of anywhere between 3,500 -10K depending on the scope of the strategy.
We usually always start with a strategy when we are doing a full engagement.Double Click to Edit
Is there a minimum contract?
There are no minimum contracts - Clients can cancel anytime within 30 days.

We always put together 6 months - 1 year full-service engagement plans
Where are you located? 
Birmingham, AL
Do you produce original social media content?
Yes, we have a network of photographers and videographers we can call on when the creative requires something location specific.
Do we own the content and everything?
Yes. Client owns all content and data.
What type of content can you produce?
We can produce all forms of social media content
- Short form videos
- Photo manipulation
- Stop motion video
- Vertical Video
- 360 Content
- Illustrations
- Blog articles
- Snapchat lens and ads
- & more
Do you do everything in-house?
Yes, we produce all of the content in house - Content that requires off-site photography or video is managed by our internal team.
Who are some of your clients?
We work with a broad spectrum of clients ranging from Dicks sporting goods, TGI Fridays, Boys and Girls Club, Electric Monkey, A3C Hiphop Festival and more. You can see full list of logos on our pitch deck or website.